Monday, November 3, 2008

Slovakia is done!

Ok, so I made a grave digression from Robbie's movie week today.  

I'm back in the States, and have decided that before I do anything at all, I'm going to unwind for a week solid, and do nothing productive. I haven't left my house in days, my phone is turned off, and I'm only leaving to vote tomorrow.

I'm watching movies for a week straight (I only have a few days left). 

Well, I was doing fine until today, when one thing led to another and I got to writing and finished the Slovakia blog. 

It's done.  I think it's like 40 pages long total and unedited and sloppy but it's totally finished and uploaded and everything. 

Just like before, it reads from top to bottom, and ends with part six: the finale. (You might have to click on "older posts" at the bottom of this page to get to The Finale)

I'll start on some new stuff next week. 

I have to go now, it's raining and I have a few movies to watch. 


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