Friday, October 7, 2005

Solsbury Hill

This is the sort of song that needs to be playing already in the background of a near perfect night oh there needs to be four people in a car not a new car no but and older car a loved car with a name and at least one of the four people in the car needs to be smoking a cigarette quiety and no one is speaking but that feeling of overbearing content is speaking instead oh let's say these four just finished running madly through an amusement park or dancing across the ground at a concert not a hard rock concert but something with dance and groove where more people were smiling than not anyways back to the car the car sails up through a freeway overpass, and just as the song reaches a minute and fifteen seconds you know when the drums roll down and the bass drops yeah that part anyways right then the car starts down the overpass and the driver punches the car into fifth gear not trying to time it with the music but it is perfect then the night and no one realizes it but everybody can feel it then.