Monday, October 9, 2006

One Good Thing About Music

I like
How many kinds
or types
(that might be a better word)
of music there are

I may hate what you're
But you dig it
It makes you feel


Rock on

Unless I'm
Trying to sleep

In that case

Fuck Bjork
And Fuck you
But especially
Fuck Bjork

But that's


There's music that
you like if you're

--> -->

A binder of Albums
That could quickly
Get you



There's a reason
That Kylie Minogue
Is running for president
In the musical world
Of England
Right now

(wasn't she the locomotion girl?)

There's a reason
Justin Timberlake
Already won

Now, that may not
Be my cup of
but it could
be with some

(and milk please)

But the fact that
It rocks the boat
(don't rock the boat, baby)
Of so many
Is the coolest Thing about music


Now that I think about it,
The coolest Thing could be
John Lennon's Glasses.

(you know, the round ones?)

Or Buddy Holly's Glasses?

or Wondering after 20 minutes what song Phish is playing now but not giving a fuck due to the stress of keeping your huge smile from making your whole body


Wishing you were Cameron Crowe or more specifically a character in Almost Famous?
Laughing at Spinal Tap then deciding your favourite new band is the Darkness?
Playing a chord you just learned on your guitar and finally getting It


Just right?


Slash's Top Hat!
Garfunkel's Hair
Paul Simon's Graceland
Beetovhen's 5th?
A perfect 5th?
A Perfect Circle?

Watching twenty thousand lost souls frenzytear up Arco Arena to Killing in The Name Of?

I didn't know that many people still had that much jumping in them.

Jumping with them!
Singing with them!


DancingatastringcheeseincidentconcertprobablydrunkoronwackydrugsI'mnotreally surebutgettingbumpedbysomeguyandtryingtobringyourselfbacktothis worldfromthatfunkeyplaceyou'vebeenforGODknowshowlongtotryto


(sorry man, or something like that)

And the fucker just gives you a huge amazing smile through his plaid shirt and hippy beard and says


"sorry man, just trying to get by…you're too fat!"

And you roar with laughter
And he does too
And return back
To that bass line
Finally having let
That smile make
Your body explode.

And now you're all OVER the place

Amazing Grace
Amazing Solos
Amazing Rolos

(not really related to music but tasty nonthless)

Na Na Na Hey Jude

(you know what I'm talking about)

Stairway to Heaven
The Way each Beatle holds his guitar
Denfending Ringo as a legitimate rock drummer

(anybody remember when these stopped being questions?)

The Bandanas on Stephen Tyler's mic stand
Jungle Boogie at High School Dances
Bob Dylan's Scowl
Robert Plant's Howl
Eddie Vedder's Croon
Rainy Days listening to music that makes you sad

But in a good way

(my sister said that)

Elliott Smith's "Sweet Adeline" after One Minute and Thirty Seconds

(The First part's pretty good, too)

When Dave Matthews lets rip a bellow
Getting Freaky on a cello

(Just think cello rhymes satisfyingly with bellow)

The Start of Crazy Train
Feeling cool listening to Jazz
Ani DiFranco's leg Kick
Healing Music when you're sick

Drum Circles on beaches when it's warm enough

Sometimes without beaches
Sometimes without circles
Sometimes without Drums

But the Beat's always there If you can just find something to

--> -->


Bang on.
Rock on.
And rock on.

Summer rock Festivals
But not the Warped
Too Hot
'Least I think so
And this IS my Poem

But you're welcome
To come in and dance for a

Just leave your prejudices behind
And bring them glasses with you.

You know
The round ones.