Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tokyo Skies

You can't see

The legendary flashingneon

skyscrapers of Tokyo

from here.

Below lies a field a spiderweb of lights.

Ebbing and flowing.

Just like any you can see

from high above

in the United States.

But as I strain

for something below

anything, really

I notice a lonely road

separated from the rest of the suburbs

by an expanse of black

and there's just one car on it now

one set of headlights



Who's in that car?

A guy?

A girl?

A car full of friends?

Someone coming from a party where they embarrassed themselves in front of the guyslashgirl that they've been harboring a crush for for well years?

A trio returning from a concert oh let's say two girls and a guy and the guy and one of the girls are dating but the second girl secretly love the guy but tells everybody including herself too that they're just friends and that's all she wants (in Japanese, of course).

Is it hard for the driver to see 'cause they've been crying too hard?

Laughing too hard?

Too drunk?

Too stoned?

Or is it just a normal drive home from a job that is performed some same way every day and the drive is so routine that the driver will forget it as soon as they reach their destination?

How are they/he/she dressed?

How do Japanese kids dress, anyways?

The hipsters?

The nerds?

The gangsters?

The these categories even relevant?

Is there any way that these people this person in that car down there has any idea that a tiny person in a window seat

(no i lied I'm in the aisle I want that window seat so I can see better)

in a tiny place

thousands of feet

above has thought

so very much

about them?

Has anybody passing over me, when I'm behind two (2) headlights by myself on a lonely road

ever thought about wondered about


I hope so.

Friday, November 18, 2005


And now, a digression on 'jam:' that I just thought of while writing my away message:

When I'm older and bearded and in a jam band with Noah, it's occurred to me that we should only have rehersals in our pajamas. Secondly, we should have a bunch of songs about how good smuckers' jam is. Specifically, about how when you're making a pie and you have to get a lot of jam in there, you know, like jam it down and stuff.

This means We'll have a jam jam jam jam.