Thursday, June 19, 2008



 That means “hi” in Croatian, which is where I am, sitting in the pretty cool Thrilling Adventuures leader house just south of Dubrovnik, which is a pretty amazing city on the southern tip of the Croatian Delmation coast.

The landscape is like the Nevada side of the Sierra Nevadas - if you were to take the dry Nevada sagebrush and cultivate it into an equally dry looking vinyard then and then smash it into a sparkling blue ocean at an extremely leisurely rate.

 It kicks ass.  

 I just got here from Italy.

 A quick summary:

 From March to late May I researched two different bike trips (takes a few weeks each and is a LOT of work) in Tuscany, then led them both (one a 6 day trip and one an eight day trip) then fought some robot ninjas with just my fucking teeth motherfucker then (still paying attention?) Thrilling Adventures actually paid me to train somebody! Ha!

 It was a mess, although the person I “trained” did a pretty good job of doging my enthusiastic attempts to teach her how to turn a large trip into a train wreck (this was last week and actually pretty funny. I’m going to write about it after I finish my Slovakia blog).

 Last week I flew straight from Rome to Dubrovnik, which I may be spelling incorrectly, and took off on another FAM (week long research trip) around the spectacular islands of the Croatian coast, and now I have exactly one day off before I prep for my two straight week long trips around here.

 Just after the forth of July I’m coming back to the states, but going straight to Montana, to lead there for two months.

 Less exotic sounding than Croatia, but I’m actually sort of excited about living in Glacier for a few months.

 More on that later, too.

  know I haven’t exactly been writing about anything that’s been occurring in my life right now, and I’m going to continue to not do so for a little while longer, as I have this  (admittedly vauge) need to finish my Slovakia story before I tell too many more.

 I haven’t been writing ‘cause I’ve had a lot of work, which is good as every trip is more stuff I can write about, and it’s just adventures in general, and those are great too, and it’s money too, which, well, is nice, but it does keep me from my writing projects, my god this sentence has a lot of commas, anyways I like to write and I just haven’t had time but it will come slowly, but it will come (there is a really dirty pun lying in that last part, which I am maturely going to ignore).

 Anyways, I’m a gonna post this now and then see how much work I can get done on Slovakia now. Then I’ll post that too.